R.Net network features multiple talkgroups which nodes can connect to. Talkgroups act like reflectos, all nodes connected to a certain talkgroup will hear traffic sent by any of the connected nodes to that particular talkgroup.

There are nationwide talkgroups for primary operations and also regional RegioNet talkgroups for in-district traffic.

R.Net nationwide talkgroups

*RNET_Primary* serves as the primary nationwide talkgroup where all nodes are connected by default

*RNET_Bulletin* is a listen-only talkgroup which nodes can connect to to re-broadcast bulletin transmissions.

*RNET_Test* is a commissioning talkgroup where new nodes should try to connect primarily to test node functionality. The talkgroup should echo all transmissions back to verify audio quality (under construction)

R.Net RegioNet regional talkgroups

*RNET_RegioNet_OH?* talkgroups are intented for intra-district traffic. Nodes connected to nationwide talkgroups are allowed to join also to RegioNet talkgroup to monitor regional traffic or vice versa, but cannot be connected to both twoways simultaneously as it will generate one-side conversations to either talkgroup.

RegioNet talkgroups are also Asterisk compatible if someone wants to play with Asterisk app_rpt repeater controller application