VUSHF2021 draft text

Työmateriaalia siirrettäväksi VUSHF2021-pääsivulle

VUSHF2021 fees

VUSHF2021 bookings are made via webshop. Webshop allows you to combine package that best fits your needs. Webshop orders are non-refundable (binding, no returns accepted), but you’re still allowed to transfer your ordered services to another person before the event if you cannot attend yourself. If the whole event gets cancelled, webshop orders will be refunded.

until 12.8.2021

(via webshop)
after 12.8.2021

(e.g. at the event)
VUSHF2021 Entrance fee (Fri-Sun or day-visitor)5€5€
Breakfast or lunch (Saturday)10€12€
RF Barbeque (Friday)15€17€
HAM dinner (Saturday)35€40€
Brunch (Sunday)15€17€
VUSHF2021 visitor T-Shirt 10€15€
VUSHF2021 visitor T-Shirt
customized with your name & callsign
Accommodation fees: See separate page
Updated: 15.7.2021 — 10:40
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